What have we been up to?

The summer has been a bit stop start for many of us. The unreliable British weather has thrown some real downpours at us at times which has tested our motivation and resolve and on a personal note injuries and accidents have punctuated what was a busy season. Blackmore too has been a bit more stop start than planned. We have had some delays in manufacturing that has meant our first full summer hasn't quite gone to plan. 

Every cloud though does have a silver lining so we're told and our silver lining has been that although we have experienced issues in our manufacturing bases in Europe as a result we have been able to move our production to the UK!

A sight you'll see more often in the future!

So, it is with great excitement that we await our first production run of  British made jerseys which will be quickly followed by some winter wear and accessories for mid September (these have been made in the EU). Small business relies on supply chains and we were let down, which is a shame, but it happens. What is exciting is that we have a whole load of new products that have been tested and worn already on their way and we couldn't be happier about  that.


We've had some help...

So stay tuned, sign up to our newsletter if you haven't already, the Duckhouse is  live and quacking!