Blackmore Custom and Teamwear.

At Blackmore Cycling Apparel we proudly supply a range of clubs and businesses with custom cycling and triathlon garments both within the UK and internationally. We can guide you through the entire process from design conception to delivery and everything in between. We believe your custom jerseys should be worth wearing more than any off-the-shelf kit and therefore work tirelessly to provide you with uniquely designed and supremely finished products. You will have direct contact with our design team to make sure that you end up with kit that you will be proud to wear again and again.


Few other custom operators can offer the opportunity to have your kit designed from scratch, we don’t just slap your logo on and colour in blocks on a screen. We are able to provide you with choices of cuts and fabrics to personalise your kit so that you get something unique to you. 

Throughout the process you will be in personal contact with us here in the Duckhouse. and even during our busiest period (February to July), we will deliver to you in under 8 weeks from the order, often closer to 6 weeks. Outside this period it’s nearer 4-6 weeks.

For  all enquiries please drop an email to or call +44 7743 897809 and for our up to date brochure click here

A note on artwork:

We use high definition sublimation printing on all of our garments. In order to obtain the sharpest print, you should provide your logos and graphics in either of the  following file formats:

  • Adobe Illustrator ‘.ai’
  • Encapsulated Post Script ‘.eps’
  • High resolution - over 300 dpi ‘.pdf’

Artwork Colours: We can print either using Pantone or CMYK colours. There is no extra charge for number of colours (unless stated), so you can be as bold and colourful as you like. We can work with you to acheive the best matches to what you have already had produced either in existing kit or as part of your existing logos.

Case Studies

Below is a small selection of some work we have done recently

Hornchurch Cycling Club

Hornchurch Cycling Club came to us in 2017 unhappy with the quality and turnaround from their previous kit supplier. As a new and growing club they wanted to attract members through a re-branding process.
We designed a full range of kit from scratch, from socks to caps to softshell jackets and met the members for a fitting in the early Spring. We continue to work with the club to provide kit for club trips and to top up existing stock for their 200+ members at designated points in the year. We are able to partner with the club on social media posts promoting their activities to riders in their area.

TDF Beefeaters

The Beefeaters came to us a few years ago looking for custom kit that would give them perfomance both on the bike and in the bar. Since they have taken over the internet more than once! We didnt supply the Beefeater outfits but their kit can be seen riding around the roads of Essex and Yorkshire as well as out at Le Tour!

Bovem CC

Bovem CC came to us wanting to produce a full range of club kit for their members. After meeting members we were able to get a consensus of what they wanted and sketch ideas up before producing designs, selecting cuts and trims to give them a full new kit for them. Bovem now have a strong and active membership for a range of cyclists based in metropolitan Essex.


Switchbacks MTB

Switchbacks were one of our first customers. Based in Spain, Mike is a living legend in the word of mountain biking. Over the years Switchbacks have provided uplifted guiding to world class professionals such as Steve Peat and osh Brycland as well as offering coaching on the world class terrain of the Sierra Nevada to us mere mortals. We also supply MTB jerseys to other teams and organisations such as Pedalworx race team and Epping Forest MTB coaching.


Burnley College

Burnley College took a small group of students to climb Ventoux and we produced a special kit, made in the UK, for them to complete this adventure! With Italian fabrics and trim made in the UK and personalised graphics these were special jerseys for a special trip!


The ACME (Audax Club of Mid Essex) came to us after their recent formation looking for a club kit. They had a colour scheme and a range of hand drawn logos which were able to digitise for them to produce a series of caps and jerseys which can be seen meandering the roads of East Anglia and further afield including London-Edinburgh-London and PBP!! Since working with ACME we have produced a full line of mens and ladies kit including caps and winter jerseys that are avalible to purchase at their regular meetings.