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It'll be all Wight.

With the theme of cyclocross adventures running strong this winter we embarked on part two of our rambles. Like all the best silly rides this one started at 3:30am on a rather chilly (and windy) January morning. The Isle of Wight is a distant shore made famous for not only having the worlds last remaining regular hovercraft service but also being the dinosaur capital of Great Britain and the scene of Jimi Hendrix's last live performance in the UK before his death three weeks afterwards. We had never before ventured to its shores and the 0715 Red Funnel ferry from Southampton to Cowes was not only loaded with egg, sausage and various other breakfast items, cooked and baked, but also...

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Through the lens

Since we started Blackmore, we've had loads of fun meeting new people or interacting with you guys on our social media platforms. Life is changing in that sort of way and it's great to see what everyone is up to, frankly, whether you use our products or not.  So this week we thought it would be nice to share with you some of the instagram accounts that we follow and love the most. These are mostly local (ish) to us and are likely ones that you haven't seen. Just to get them all in one place, rather than on our IG or Twitter stream, here they are in one journal post with a little bit more blurb as to why...

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In The Box

In the box: adjective State of being on the limit, head 'chewing' the stem, blurred vision, and unable to do anything but think about pedalling. Over a second lunch at a five star hotel near Henley on Thames the idea was floated and agreed. We would meet again before Christmas and ride the Ridgeway, a trail in central southern England, as part of a cyclocross epic. Now the circumstances of the second lunch can remain undisclosed but the cast treading these particular boards are two experienced hitters from Wessex, the perfect foils to draw scribe into a false sense of security. We met bright and early in the village of Kingsclere, nestled down a dark road somewhere south of Reading....

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Off grid?

The world has moved on rapidly in the last ten years. Wherever we look we are surrounded by information and more often than not it is coming from the palm of our hand. The online nature of Blackmore makes it worse, or better, because we justify it by telling ourselves that at least we aren't just wasting time on Facebook, when actually invariably we are. Whether we are looking at our social media, email, various messaging services we seem to be forever fixed to a screen. Now we can't moan too much, it is after all the platform from which we do the majority of our business, how we communicate with you guys in a variety of ways and of course all the...

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The London Etape

Three years ago Blackmore was born. We rode RideLondon. A great day but we essentially did it on our own in our Blackmore kit. Three years ago a couple of guys from Hornchurch, Essex had finished playing football and began cycling. Hornchurch Cycling Club was born. Three years ago the Tour De France came through Essex. Not quite new kit day but a great day to show it off! In the time between then and now a lot of hard graft has been done by both parties and here we are at the 2017 London Etape, a sportive that goes out from the Olympic Park in Stratford in the shadow on the velodrome. Hornchurch Cycling Club is now thriving with...

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