Through the lens

Since we started Blackmore, we've had loads of fun meeting new people or interacting with you guys on our social media platforms. Life is changing in that sort of way and it's great to see what everyone is up to, frankly, whether you use our products or not. 

So this week we thought it would be nice to share with you some of the instagram accounts that we follow and love the most. These are mostly local (ish) to us and are likely ones that you haven't seen. Just to get them all in one place, rather than on our IG or Twitter stream, here they are in one journal post with a little bit more blurb as to why we think that they're brilliant here in the Duckhouse!

So give them a follow and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

#1 Barry Godin (IG @barrygodin Tw @barrygodin Fb /barry.godin)

We first met Barry a year or two ago during a long weekend riding in the Peak District (Jacobs Ladder in the ice was largely down to him). Barry's infectious laugh really is a doorway into his general enthusiasm for adventuring and riding bikes. His adventures have taken him to every part of the UK and often much further afield. His social media profiles reflect his many and varied travels. Barry is continually getting more and more exposure through adventure films like this and his Vimeo profile is well worth a trawl for inspiration for your next epic! Barry has more recently been asked to give talks at events such as The Adventure Cycling Festival & Jennride sharing tales of his adventures and giving tips about how to plan and execute self supported trips by bike.

Barry Godin. Bike packing in the Scottish Highlands.

#2 Jonathan Pool (IG @jonathanpool @dogsatbikeraces Tw @_JonathanPool)

Jon is the man behind the lens for a lot of what you see coming out of the Duckhouse. Not only a pleasure to work with he is also the perfect partner for stupid adventures such as cycling to York in a day and other tales. If you don't encounter Jon on a bike or behind the counter at Chelmer Cycles, you will likely find him roaming around a bike race. Generally with a large back pack on being very busy hanging over a tree branch or barrier trying to get the best shot he can. Clearly we love his work and we hope you do too.

Ian Bibby at the Rapha Nocturne 2017 by Jon Pool

#3 Gavin Woollard (IG @gavinwoollardphotography @gavinwphoto Tw @GavinWoollard Fb /WeddingPhotographerEssex web:

Gavin is a resident of Blackmore village and that's why we came across him but then it started to go a bit deeper than that. Among Gavin's landscape work, village scapes and wedding work is some really intimate and considered shots of up and coming bands. Many of these are from live performances. We love the energy he conveys in his work and in some of the conversations we've had lining this project up it has been great to revisit a few old records. He has also turned us on to a few too; a couple from the list are Black Honey (pictured) and the superb Swimming Girls. Check them, and of course him, out.

Black Honey by Gavin Woollard @ The Lexington Islington 2016

#4 Joe Simkins (IG @joesimkins Tw @joesimkins Fb /joeesimkins Youtube twentysixed)

Joe appeared on our radar working with local freestyle pros Sam Pilgrim and Tom Cardy. Through our association with Radical Bike Park we have got to know Joe more and have even been able to work with him once or twice. Joe is a hugely talented young film maker with a real eye for what looks good and a passion for riding bikes (mostly upside down). The most polite, mild mannered guy you are likely to meet and a total sender. When he's not spinning around 20ft in the air you can find Joe digging jumps at Radical Bike Park, shooting films or shots like this below. 

Cam Crozier by Joe Simkins. Radical Bike Park, Highwood, Essex.

#5 James Lucas (IG @rabausten Tw @rabausten Fb /james.lucas.7543 email:

After racing a bit of CX this winter we have come across James's work more and more. James is a regular fixture on the local and domestic cyclocross scene. Indeed we have nearly run his lens over on more than one occasion. Not afraid to get right in the thick of it, James is often found buried in some foliage or hanging over some tape. His work really shows the true grit and camaraderie of cross racing. Give him a follow on IG and we are sure you'll agree.

Giles Drake of Leisure Lake Bikes at the 2017 3 Peaks Cyclocross 2017 by James Lucas

Thanks to everyone for giving us permission to feature your work. In lots of ways the broad range of photos reflects a lot about Blackmore and we hope all of you reading this enjoy the feeds as much as we do.