Our Ethos

Blackmore Cycling Apparel was born eight years ago from a genuine passion for bikes and a need to buy chainrings and chains. Road bikes, mud bikes, cross bikes, commuting bikes, jumping bikes. All bikes. We're in love with Tom Pidcock and Cav but we've also got a long term crushes on Dan Atherton and Danny Carey's work on the tom tom.

We make clothing for the riding that we do.

High performance fabrics drawn from the best suppliers out there. We prefer a racier cut but know that not all of life should be a competition. We want shorts we can race in  for an hour, ride in all day and sling under a pair of baggies. Aero jerseys that perform with the best but also have room in them for all day affairs.

Merino jerseys and gilets that allow you to layer for changeable mornings and big rides out. Accessories that are individual, that stand out and stand up to whatever you throw at them. Design that is sometimes simple and sometimes not so.

And importantly an individual service whether it be through the site or in custom orders with prices that don't pull your pants down.

We've made some great friends along the way, had a great adventure and there is WAY more to come. However all along nothing has changed since day one, we still need new chains and cassettes and it's still all about bikes. It’s great to have to have you onboard for the ride.