Off grid?

The world has moved on rapidly in the last ten years. Wherever we look we are surrounded by information and more often than not it is coming from the palm of our hand. The online nature of Blackmore makes it worse, or better, because we justify it by telling ourselves that at least we aren't just wasting time on Facebook, when actually invariably we are. Whether we are looking at our social media, email, various messaging services we seem to be forever fixed to a screen. Now we can't moan too much, it is after all the platform from which we do the majority of our business, how we communicate with you guys in a variety of ways and of course all the other personal stuff away from Blackmore. Now with the days getting shorter it is often the time to re-evaluate and freshen up. Whether you go and do something entirely different for a few months before coming back to the bike, maintaining the trails you use in the summer, doing some running or whatever, now might be the time. 

Autumn looks like summer in black and white.

Today we did something really simple. We left the garmin at home. Today we weren't chasing an average speed. We weren't fixated on how long we had been out for, our heart rate or even the time of day. Today we were just going to ride our bikes and enjoy it for what it is. We know where we're going and we still have our phones so if we need a time check it’s there. But for once you can look around, ease off and not be frustrated by your average dropping through the floor, heart rate dipping out of whatever zone you are wanting to be in and just enjoying being out and about, which after all is the whole point. 

All was quiet at the reservoir this morning and we even stopped to take it in for once!

Go on give it a go! OK, so we still had strava running, we still love seeing where we’ve been and logging the miles. Maybe we listened to a podcast or two, so we weren’t entirely unplugged but surely it’s a step in the right direction in this relentless world we seem to inhabit...


She feels a bit naked without it, but with nudity comes freedom (so we've heard).