Home is where the heart is.

A few of you will know about Blackmore the village, the place where we have taken our name, but many of you won’t, especially our overseas visitors and customers. We thought with our growing exposure it might be a good chance to explain ourselves and give you a bit of background to the place that we call home.

That is not our office on the island pictured...

Blackmore is a quaint, quintessential English village in the heart of the Essex countryside. It nestles between the town of Brentwood and the city of Chelmsford and is surrounded on all sides by a mixture of ancient woodland and arable farmland . The village was recorded in the Domesday book and has several buildings in it, including the Priory Church of St Laurence, that date all the way back to the 15th century. Today it is home to a couple of pubs, tearooms, a cricket ground and a duck pond, from where our logo derives, it really is a picture postcard kind of place.

Reminders of the past.

For us it’s where we grew up, both literally and metaphorically, if that’s a thing. Riding bikes, digging holes and jumps in the nearby woodland and in more recent years pounding the tarmac in the immediate vicinity as well as further afield. The routes around here provide us with a sort of biography, even if much of it has been worn away in the woodland and lost over the seasons. 

The surrounding roads provide a maze of superb cycling.

Blackmore is a heartbeat of cycling in the local area, everyone has one and for us it’s here. A place to meet, share stories, aim for, go from or navigate around. The village serves as a popular way point for riders coming out from the north east of London and for riders from around Essex, Hertfordshire and Suffolk. When coming to name our brand we wanted something that represented the riding that we do and had a place in our hearts so Blackmore was a simple choice really. The village has its characters, the publicans, tea shop owners and local riders. It’s a popular meeting place for nearby cycling clubs and the surrounding roads have hosted and still host a number of races and time trials. Blackmore has more recently provided a home to Radical Bikes, a trials, dirt jump and mountain bike centre which has its roots firmly in the local community.

Autumn sun brings light to the village green.

So that’s what Blackmore is about. An identity to represent our cycling and the riding that we do. We're not trying to be anything that we're not. Just quality clothing made for us and you.

To ride in, to train in, to race, eat cake and drink cups of tea in.

Megarrys antiques and tearooms. Blackmore Village.