And so it comes...

We all knew it. I think for me the day came  yesterday. After a few days off the bike I returned from a brief trip south and it has basically hit me. It's wet and dark. Well that was always going to come. It has been a beautiful Autumn and there might still be a bit to come. The Siberian swan has yet to bring snow but often ice is better than slop, especially in the woods but either bring misery on the road. No one likes a wet bum and icy roads are a no no for 99% of us I'm sure. So that leaves us with having to make a plan to keep riding, or exercise in general, in our lives during the darkness.

During previous years I have opted for running, but I don't really like running and having done one half marathon and training really hard for it there is no way I'm doing that again. I have long since opted out of expensive gym memberships and static training that I could do at home. I have promised myself cyclocross for the last four years and for whatever reason I'm getting closer but still I don't think this year is the year either. However I do have a plan. Riding is too entrenched in me now just to wait for the weekend to come. Like many I will be opting for an indoor trainer. For me I like rollers. I don't want to get into the turbo vs rollers debate but for me I like how I have to concentrate while using them and after a few sessions I can really feel a difference in my pedalling after a summer of slowly getting out of technique. So I'll be working out my HR zones pretty soon and getting on it. This time of year for me comes generally off the back of a period of relative inactivity. Racing and big events finished a bit back and rides headed back into the tree cover for a bit but it is important to look forward so I'll be booking some events for the Summer as well. Other than that it's time for night rides in the woods with the EHMTB crew and some play time on the trail bike as well as some big days in the hills. Variety is the key for me. That and fun. 

I know looking at Strava those of us with time during the week will be out and about but equally not everyone is blessed with a flexible schedule. Training with friends is a great way to crack on, spin classes are great, group rides are better, but at the heart of it you and only you have to get your head down, get out, strap on the lights, pull on your big gloves, head to the shed, call your mates, turn up the music or do whatever suits you and crack on and get it done. 

So I'm going to book another race today I think, Paris Roubaix is on our radar. Again if you have any ideas drop us a line. Or join our Strava Club to keep up with some of Essex's finest!

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