We made national press!

Those of you who have followed us from the start will probably know that things haven't always been simple in the Duckhouse. But frankly we have had a great first few months. If you are reading this then you are a part of this. You might not have purchased anything but your interest at least shows that this is something worth pursuing. In a short period of time we have sponsored a few riders, sold a few things to people, met a load of you, done some great custom work for some great people, many of whom have been raising a load of money for great causes.

Good things come to those that...

We were also reviewed by national press. Cycling Weekly got hold of us and gave us two really great reviews in the past two months, and to say we're happy with that would be an understatement. To see a write up, however small, of your stuff in a magazine that you have read for ages alongside house hold names is amazing and we are really proud to see it.

Out the park!

So thanks. For the feedback and the kind words, for the likes, the follows and the retweets and here's to the winter! We've got some bits dropping soon but we will be mostly concentrating our efforts and resources on our range for SS16.

This crazy bastard cycled from one side of the USA to the other! And raised a fortune... In our kit!

Keep following us online and I hope to meet a lot of you or see you at events over the winter. If you see the van give us a honk or say hi!