Stashing your nuts

Winter is on its way and we can look back here In the Duckhouse at what has been a great and fun few months! It’s been great to get out and about with a few of you and certainly to meet as many of you guys as possible. Our year has taken us to the Sierra Nevada with our friends at Switchbacks DH, from Edinburgh to London with Missing People UK, the Maratona of the Dolomites and Ride London.

It's a warm day, milk was a bad idea.

We are looking to next year now. We’ll be bringing a limited winter range out in the next couple of weeks, sorry no long tights and waterproofs just yet! We are putting all of our energies into bringing an expanded range (yes woman’s wear as well!!) in the Spring. We’ve sought a few opinions and will continue to do so before bringing the best we can to you guys next year. So keep your eyes out!

 More of this...

So with a list of things that we are going to do here at Blackmore, there is a list of things to achieve this winter on the bike as well…

  1. Enter and complete at least one cyclo-cross race. I went and watched one of our sponsored riders Cai the other day in the Eastern League and that is now on the to do list. It looks great fun, super friendly and not hugely committing and super local.
  2. The gap jump at the bottom of the Snake at Chicksands. This has been on my list for at least four years. This year is the year! I say that every year!
  3. At least one road riding trip to some winter sun… Because the weather is never that good in March and April and that first event is always harder as a result!
  4. Fix my cyclo-cross bike. This will affect the outcome of point one.
  5. Buy some nice winter gloves. Because we’re not selling these yet… Maybe we should…
  6. Go on more regular night rides. And persevere when it gets mucky. If you fancy an induction the word is Thursdays!
  7. Go to more gigs. Because 33’s not too old!
  8. Watch the world cup at Fort William

And at least some of this!

I guess we all need goals. Those are ours. What are yours? We have race aims as well in 2016. Paris Roubaix, Ride London, Tour of Cambridge and Revolve 24 are already on the list so we will see how we get on!

If you have any wise ideas or want to get involved, drop us a line, the more the merrier.