The light at the end of the tunnel

Over the weekend the endless blinking computer screens and dark nights of the winter seemed to pale away on a non descript country round in rural Essex. The week before we received our samples and were able to shoot them in between sorting out all the things that need sorting whilst balancing a dozen other things.

But on a non descript Saturday morning on a non descript road, dodging the occasional van and being polite to horse riders, we turned some ideas into a form of reality. It's a year really from Blackmore's conception and it's not all been plain sailing, even before we've gone live. However these things pale into insignificance when something becomes more tangible.

I've never been a model either. Well needs must!

Our kit is now out to test, some by me, others with other riders, our jerseys are busy being manufactured and will be available soon. We have had help from some local shops and I cant wait to see our kit hanging at both Chelmer Cycyles in Chelmsford and Yellow Jersey Cycles in Billericay. The first of many we hope. These guys alongside Radical Bikes in Blackmore have been really supportive and realistic. About to take on the big boys, maybe, but in our own little way. By working with the other guys on the way and having some fun. That's our ethos.

So, you may be annoyed with instagram and facebook posts with little substance, but that will change soon, and I'm not going to apologise. If it was easy then I guess everyone would do it!