Busy weekend!

Everyday we seem to move that bit closer! And today I managed to get out for a bit more testing of our bibs and jerseys as well as get the website all linked up and working! As I think I have said before, this project has really taken a lot of effort to get off the ground and to finally see things come together, albeit a bit slower than I had hoped, is really satisfying.

On my way round today I stopped in for a rock cake at Megarrys Teashop in the village (Blackmore) and had another lovely chat with Judi. She will be stocking some of our clothing once our first production run arrives amongst her various antiquities and things. A quirkier tearoom I have not come across, and she really does welcome all her customers in with a smile.

Yesterday we finalised some more designs for production and took a few shots for our own content over the coming weeks which will appear on here and our various social media outlets. So an exciting summer ahead!

I've been out testing our bib shorts over the weekend and they seem to be doing the job, I have several pairs out with others and the feedback is good so far. I am sure you will all like them when you see them, I am certainly very impressed indeed and can't wait to get them out to our network of retailers and your good selves.