What we're about.

Based in the heart of Essex, we wanted to design and produce cycling apparel that we would be proud to wear. We never felt the marketing messages of some of the big companies were really "us" and we wanted to bring together our vision of cycling. How we experience it in real life. A culture based on real people's passion for riding bikes in the UK.

Blackmore is proud of British cycling traditions in the past, what they mean in the present and what they will mean in the future. For us cycling brings independence, a way of life that brings us closer with our locality and the people around us. A way to explore, commute, get away from everything and bring it all back together again. We want to ride our bikes and share with you our passion for exceptional design and quality. 

You can be assured that all of our clothing has been tested, day in day out, by real riders and each garment leaves our HQ with our absolute seal of approval. We want to bring you the most original and exciting British design that we can. That is why Blackmore exists. 

Culture, Passion & Independence