The BCA. Our in house cycling club.  

Blackmore Cycling Apparel CC aims to provide a unique sporting community for riders around the world; putting riders in touch with one another to share you path. Whether you are riding hard or drinking coffee do it in style with us. No rules, just ride. You're in good company.

Cycling shouldn't be complicated. No set routes or rides. Not claiming any roads. A movement of like-minded cyclists who care about cycling and the pleasure of finding their own limits together on the road, gravel path or the race circuit.


  The idea behind registering the brand as a club as is not necessarily to replace your existing cycling club but to provide you with a banner to ride and race with with your friends and regular riding buddies as well as meet others who want the same thing. We want to create a set of inclusive chapters who are not necessarily bound by set routes and meeting times and share good times both on and off the bike.

This will all be supported by Blackmore. Behind the scenes we have a small team of experienced and talented individuals who are able to make links with other projects in order to benefit members as we grow.

Membership is free for the lifespan of the club upon the purchase of a jersey and  the addition of  new members self funds the club going forward.


Interested in joining? Want to start a new chapter between you and you friends?

Our membership window is up and running until 14/2/22

Any questions? just drop an email to

IG: @blackmorebikeclub

strava: BCA