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BCA bike club jersey
BCA bike club jersey

BCA bike club jersey


The BCA bike club jersey. Only available to invited members of the BCA. So congratulations. You're already awesome.

The BCA is our vehicle to have fun, meet a few people, hang in the wheels and chat or shoot off the front with 5 laps to go.

Your jersey purchase encompasses not only your life membership to our BC registered club but a permanent discount with all things Blackmore as we support the club. As BCA grows we will use our leverage to support the club organise rides and generally give you a banner to ride and race under while making sure that bike riding is what it was always meant to be. Fun and cake.

The window closes at the end of August so use the discount code that you have been given and you'll receive your jersey by the time the clocks go and you'll get a Duck cap and necktube too!